Lopez News: a new blogger at Miss Lopez´s blog, Miss Marisa!

Hello! Today I am very happy to introduce you an old friend of mine from A Coruña, Galicia in Spain. Another blogger from Galicia! 🙂 We were almost kids when we first met and many things happened to us after all this time. I, Miss Lopez moved to Sweden after living in UK and being almost around the world and she, Marisa Perez, a Venezuelan+Spanish+Galician beauty moved to Rome were she lives now: Ladies and Gentlemen: my Dear Miss Marisa!
Here come her own words!
” New kid on the blog
My name is Miss Marisa and I’m a new blogger on Miss Lopez great blog.
I’ve met Miss Lopez in La Coruña city.
I was born in Caracas Venezuela and then moved to my parents city where I grow up and from there I began to move all around Spain, England and Italy and at the end I’ve arrived in Rome where I actually live: my mind is a beautiful cultural ‘melting pot’ where I still have a lot of room for the good things life will bring to me.
I have studied at university here in Roma at La Sapienza University and I have a degree in communication sciences. I love cinema, fashion, music, travelling, information, communication, reading, dancing and all the things that make all of us more relaxed, more informed, more prepared, ready to face anything.
On my posts we are going to listen and see expert people from Ted conference informing us about the new future challenges and explain us the revolutions we need. I find them absolutely inspiring and interesting and I hope you like them too.
I have also a lot of travel surprises, we will explore some multimedia works like short films, pictures, events and any interesting thing I find for you.
We are going to have a great time together!! And remember ‘Feelgood Womanhood’ “
Great, isn´t it?  Miss Lopez back to you now after Miss Marisa´s words. She will be back soon!
So coool with old friends coming back to you! The revolutions we need! Viva Women´s revolution and Feelgood!