Swedish Women I met today. By Miss Lopez

Hello again! Miss Lopez here before I go to bed and tomorrow Thursday already!. I just want to keep you updated with the things I have been doing today. It feels like today was almost women´s day as most of my meetings were with women one way or the other (but not all) like these two Swedish women, Anna Nilsdotter at Breakfast Club, Head of Consultancy Services at Enact for sustainable strategies having a seminar among most students from Handelshögskolan in Stockholm like the old student Ylva Munkhammar from Hunger Projektet. In the third picture Maria Hartzell at Wayne´s coffe in Stockholm today from Bitch Fashion that really loves Miss Lopez!! Cooool!.

I love the thing so many women already all over the world undertand the importance of helping each other as well as the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood!. I love by the way the explanation of the famous in Sweden Alexandra Pascalidou about the concept. So right! Check it out!

So tomorrow a mingling in the morning at Kista Gallerian, work for a few hours and then let´s see what the day brings tomorrow. For sure this next Friday I must be at Starta Eget cafe as Ambassador for Women´s Entrepreneurship for Tillväxtverket at 11:30 a.m. so if you are in Stockholm I hope to see you there!. Just look after Miss Lopez and you´ll find me! 🙂

Well, to tell you the truth many things have been going on since I came back to Sweden from Spain last Christmast and I hope things are going to slow down for better from tomorrow (my secrets…) and I am going to feel much better to continue with my international mission: to spread the spirit all over you, women from all over the world! I am so happy women everywhere love the spirit of FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD! I love it! so let´s do it!

See you tomorrow with more news!

By the way, I am thinking of selling Miss Lopez t-shirts on my webbshop soon and working with an NGO. Will you wear one on you? Men may wear it as well. Cooool guys! 🙂 Let me know!

Sweet dreams everybody! Viva Women´s Day everyday and Feelgood!