San Valentine tip 5: Follow Miss Lopez to the end of the world!

Hola amigos y amigas! Today before I go to bed I write to you this time to give you my tip nummer 5 for San Valentine! I hope you enjoy my tips! 🙂 Are you ready for nummer 5? So here it comes!
I Spain we have an expression of love thats says like this ” Te amo tanto que me irĂ­a contigo al fin del mundo” that means that when you are in love youÂŽd follow this person, yes, to the end of the world! I guess it may sound a bit too much but for sure is very romantic, isnÂŽt it? What do you think, would you be so crazy in love to follow your love of your dreams to “el fin del mundo”? Do you have what it takes to be so crazy? 🙂 Anyway itÂŽs just an expression that shows how passionate Latins can be! COOOOOOOL! 🙂
Talking so much about Miss Lopez news with a Latin touch…do you know that in Latin, I mean in old Latin at the Roman days, Lope means Wolf and with the ending “ez”, Lopez means son or daughter of Wolf. Yes itÂŽs true! This is what I am, a daughter of a Wolf 🙂 so maybe even J.Lo knows now where her surname comes from!!! Fun! 🙂
Anoher thing I want to make clear is that my Latin news  can be from Spain, Italy…in South of Europe or even from some parts of America or South America. Great to have so many people and countries to talk about. donÂŽt you agree? We speak Latin languages, Spanish or Portuguese in Brasil! 🙂 Viva Miss Lopez Latin news and cultural interaction! I love it! 🙂
So my point is, at the times of the Roman Empire, Galicia in Spain where I was born, by the way as Miss Miranda too, was considered the end of the world as at those times they though the earth was just flat and there were nothing but dragons at the other side. They didnÂŽt know it was actually the whole American continent, but this is a story for another day…
Yes, the magical Galicia! Check the video and keep me the secret! 🙂 It is something very special about Galicia and so romantic! You must go!. And the thing is as the weather is quite rainy and mild, there are not so many tourists there as in other parts of Spain but I®ll tell you it®s so beautiful and the food tastes so good!!! And sure Miss Miranda will agree with me!
Yes my tip nummer 5 for San Valentine is if you want a romantic trip, come to Galicia with me!!!! 🙂 and you®ll love it!
Follow Miss LopezÂŽs blog even to the “end of the world” and FEELGOOD!
And tomorrow Park Avenue at Breakfast Club and more business meetings during the way. By the way, I have a new surprise for you maybe tomorrow, so follow me from all over the world!!!! 🙂 Thank you my international followers, you®re so nice!!!! One more kiss from Miss Lopez