Miss Lopez tip 4 for San Valentine and what to buy for him!

Buenas Noches Damas y Caballeros! Aqui mi consejo numero 4 para regalarle a él, el día de San Valentín! My God! there are so many men out there that love “Miss Lopez” 🙂 that I think they deserve a gift for San Valentine, don´t you agree?

Miss Lopez back to you before I go to bed! I´ve missed you already! 🙂 I guess you know what I mean in my language! Time to learn Spanish, don´t you agree?

And now time to my tip nummer 4 for San Valentine: what to buy for him! Let´s get something a bit more original! A bag for him! Why not?.

I think a good present would be this amazing bag for him from Spanish Loewe, really classy! It´s really high quality I know as I have been many times in their shops in A Coruña or Madrid, but for some reasons I haven´t seen this Spanish label in Sweden. Maybe it´s time to bring it here…to Sweden!

I do think there are so many good Spanish brands in fashion, design and decoration. For some reasons there are not that well known as some French or Italian brands but still very good quality to a bit better prices. And of course another good present would be, a bedding present to have sweet dreams together with Spansih brands too! Check it out!

Viva quality and design from Spain and Feelgood! and I am sure he´ll be delighted! 🙂

FEELGOOD everybody! Buenas Noches and one kiss from Miss Lopez!