Miss Lopez tip 3 for San Valentine: Don´t be shy. Say Yes sometimes

Hello everybody! Miss Lopez here. Good Miss Miranda is back after the Erasmus party last night. She´ll be back later on. This must be LOVE! to blogging! 🙂 Thank you Miss Miranda!
Today I am having a terrible headache so I do feel I need something to cheer me up. Thinking of my romantic tips to you I´ve found out on YouTube this video of a baby, Charlotte and she is so funny! She really makes me smile! 🙂 Isn´t she cute? I love her!!
But talking about LOVE, my tip of today is, when time comes, just don´t be shy! Do you know the opposite of love is not hate, but fear? Yes, I think so. Fear will make you afraid and you´ll be totally off, ´cause if you are not receptive, you won´t be able to accept love, or give either. What a pity! So if the love of your dreams ask you for a date or whatever, just say Yes! or dare to ask yourself!
So don´t do as Charlotte and say Yes sometimes. 🙂 Dare to show off your LOVE like a Latin Don Juan or Doña Juanita! Be open to Love and feelgood!