Behind the scene…Isabel L贸pez!

Hello my Dears! How are you doing today? Miss Lopez is here coming back to you.
Today has been just a “normal” day, I mean with no parties, meetings or whatever, or should I say unusual day fo me? 馃檪
I notice many people think about me after reading my blog, that my life is just fun, fashion, glamour or feel good but to tell you the truth there are all kinds of days in my life, good or bad as well.
These days I don麓t really feel that good as people close to me are not feeling well. Though 聽it麓s true I am a strong woman, rebel sometimes, I have my weak moments as well but I know the positive side of things is even stronger if you really want it. Writing makes me stronger and cheers me up by the way so Thank you and your feedback!
Having a blog it doesn麓t mean all my life is public but I do like sharing the good things to you in order us to feelgood or better at least.
You know “life is a theater” where everybody has its own roll, (even if you麓re not aware of it) and in my blog my roll is Miss Lopez with a mission: Feelgood Womanhood to everybody! Viva the rebel in me!
Behind the scene, my name is Maria Isabel Lopez but you can call me Isabel, Isabel Lopez. 馃檪
Here in the picture today at the shoemaker in Sweden. I love boots and one of my favourite ones had the zip broken so I am afraid I won麓t be able to have them on until they get mended. See! I am not only going to parties or business meetings, I actually do many differents things! We women can! 馃檪
By the way, Miss Miranda is in a party and she is coming back to you tomorrow from Italy! Viva the Latin touch in Miss Lopez!
Love life with its ups and downs and Feelgood!
Viva FEELGOOD 聽WOMANHOOD behind or not “the scene” too and Feel Goooood! 馃榾