Miss Lopez working with my assistent Mister Lopez today

Hola amigos again! Friday night at home in Stockholm. I think my job is so social that when I am free I´d rather be a bit less social to recharge my batteries. Well actually I am being social now with you so Viva social media too!

Today I´ve got some business meetings and met my assistent, yes Mister Lopez! Well, he´s real name is not Lopez but as my assistent I think it´s a good name to Miss Lopez, isn´t it? 🙂 He helps me with my blog and I think it´s great to get some help sometimes as I´m worth it! Actually there are many things to do so it´s good. I wouldn´t manage myself to do it all.

Today I got a lunch at Cafe Nero in Vasatan, Stockholm, a cool place I must say and there I´ve had my Reztart snack as well to keep me alert. Good taste too I must say. I am very happy about this collaboration as I think we can do many things together.

By the way, the third picture is from yesterday´s seminar at Skarpa about buying and selling companies and big ones. Interesting to get to know the future value of mine pretty soon in a meeting with them next week! See I am thinking big! 🙂

You´d better think big if you want to succedd!

Never let anything or anyone put you down and Feelgood! Think BIG and feelgood!