Miss Lopez news: Good start of the day with Swedish Reztart!

Hello my Dear Feelgood seekers…Yesterday was a really “up and down” day for me, I have it all! 🙂 Good anyway with a good start of the day today with food and products that makes you feel good! You are what you eat and how as well! I do believe so! I must say I am very much into healthy products as I think itÂŽs the most important! Our wellness so Feelgood!

You know yesterday I have had a business meeting during the day in Stockholm and now I am very happy to inform you my new collaboration with Reztart. IÂŽll tell you what Reztart is: a natural and healthy snack that keeps you alert at least during three hours. Reztart is an unique blend of proteins, carbs and good fat as Omega 3 and 6 that keeps your blood sugar on an even level so you can Feelgood all day! ItÂŽs a patented Swedish product in collaboration with Lund University Hospital in Sweden with no artificial ingredients, just natural. Great!

I must say I®ve tried this produt before and I really love it! I though it could be perfect to make Miss Lopez feel good and share it with you! It has everything you need to make you feel satisfied betwen meals. Good for me as the very busy business woman am I, isn®t it? 🙂

Yes I think itÂŽs great I can trust in a product like this during my busy days. From now on, I am going to have a bar and a drink with me always when I am out working every day, even at home. You should try too, and this is my tip of the day to you. At the moment you just can find these products in Sweden at PressbyrĂ„n, 7-Eleven…or at their webbshop. Check it out! Reztart

Nice with natural snacks that make you feel good and Viva Swedish Reztart! Good for business women!!!