Me, myself and I: A really busy day as a blogger at Miss Lopez´s blog.

Hello everybody! Miss Lopez here another day showing to the world my girl power! 🙂 As a blogger is a lot about me anyhow but I hope that with the help of my team everybody will feel very good with women´s superpowers! 🙂 Yes we women can a lot of things and very good! Viva Feelgood Womanhood!

Well what it started as an idea, MissLopez,  is getting more form as every day goes by. I am afraid today I should be short after so many pictures, if I manage. The day of today has been totally dedicated to my blog and I feel so good about it!

In the morning at Stureplan a business meeting about Miss Lopez events with Jonathan, Maria and Victoria Gomez,  then more meetings with shops that sells alpaca wool with my picture. In the first picture at Senso Gusto in the Old town of Stockholm, an ethical, ecological, enviromental shop that sells wool from Peru from RN&Brännvall with my picture so check it out! and you can actually find this brand as well at NK, PUB, and many other shops in Stockholm.

Then at Mercedes Benz fashion show a  seat was waiting for me as blogger for Miss Lopez. There I could meet another bloggers, most from Sweden and one of then, columnist of The Yak, a blond long woman from USA, Caitlin Andrews in the picture with me that became really interested of Miss Lopez´s blog so we said we are going to keep in contact to see what we can do together.  I must say I love the American way as she was, so direct and right to the point!. I really love this way, similar to the Spanish way. No fear and so Cool! I love it! (Swedes are so careful and shy…well, well) Please don´t get me wrong! 😀 Swedes can be so sweeeeet!

A really nice fashion show from Lexington, very casual as you can see in the pictures by the way with famous people in Sweden like Carolina Gynning and internationally as Victoria Silvted in USA in the front row. See women´s  superpowers everywhere!

And afterwards more business meetings about my blogg like the one with a friend of mine and actor as well, Patrick. I´ve shown him my statistics and he got impressed about my trafic. Miss Lopez is doing well! Thanks to you all!

And tomorrow a business breakfast at Freys hotel in Stockholm and more business meetings but this time at Södermalm. Cool!

My blog is growing and I am happy we are growing together! Gracias amigos!

Let´s share with everybody our women´s superpowers and Feelgood! Thank you! I love you!!!!! 🙂