Miss Lopez invited to Mercedes Benz Fashion week at Berns tomorrow

Hello! Miss Lopez here! Today I am happy to inform you that as a blogger of Miss Lopez´s blog, I have been invited to Mercedes Fashion week at Berns tomorrow at 3:00 for the Lexington show among others. You must be in the fashion business or being a blogger to get in. Cool! So you know I´ll be back with really good fashion news from Stockholm tomorrow.
By the way, did you know that the name Mercedes Benz car was the name of the founder´s wife?. Mercedes was a Spanish woman married to the German founder of this brand, Benz, and that´s why Mercedes Benz! I guess she was his inspiration, good car! Yes, Mercedes is a very common Spanish name. Viva Mercedes! 🙂 and the car, I love it!
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is Sweden’s biggest and most well known fashion event. The week was launched 2005 by the entertainment establishment Berns Salonger in Stockholm in cooperation with Bon Magazine and Patriksson Communication. The purpose was to promote Swedish fashion creators and design to a wider audience. During the last six years Sweden’s fashion industry has become a famed trendsetting institution worldwide redoubling its export incomes and gaining acknowledgement for its quality. Since its start-up the week has been held twice a year.
Since 2008 Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine has been the royal protector of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week though now she is in USA, New York so she won´t be there at Berns tomorrow. During the fashion event approximately 40 different fashion brands exhibit their collections, among them Carin Wester, Cheap Monday, Whyred, Filippa K, The Local Firm, Dagmar, Dr Denim, GANT, Woolrich, Camilla Norrback och Boomerang. New brands for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011 are Tiger, Nakkna, Ljung, Post Fire Dew, Mi Laiki and Mayla and many more. Students at Sweden’s most prestigious fashion schools also have the opportunity to show their exam creations during fashion week. Cool to bring you fashion news from Sweden! Viva fashion interaction! By the way me in the picture taken by Jini Sofia.
See, every week Miss Lopez is at Berns for one reason or the other. 🙂
Cool with events at Berns! Viva Swedish fashion and Feelgood!
Hasta mañana my babies! 🙂