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The meaning of Feelgood Womanhood to everybody=Miss Lopez!

Hello everybody!! MISS LOPEZ is back!!!!!! Hola!! 🙂 I feel very happy today. Yes, Feelgood Womanhood as its best with girls super powers everywhere!!! 🙂 Cool that Miss Marisa and Miss Miranda love writing to you bringing you the news from Italy, Spain…and the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood, don´t you think so?

You know, since I have started with my blog and my business idea, my point was, is and will be not only bringing my news with a Latin touch but the most important of all, sharing with all of you the greatness of the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood to find balance and justice within yourself, everybody, don´t you think is great? Yes, now and forever the meaning of Miss Lopez´s brand is Feelgood Womanhood everybody! Viva Miss Lopez=Feelgood Womanhood brand!! I am so happy about it!

See, I have been working on it today with the help of Victoria Gomez, my partner at Miss Lopez events and Miss Barcelona, make up expert and blogger at Miss Lopez! Great to be in such a great team, super girls team I should say! 🙂

So in the first picture Victoria Gomez, Miss Barcelona both in white and me, Miss Lopez in betwen together in Cafe Bolero Bueno in Stockholm talking business. The other pictures are from another great meeting with David owner of Taco Bar at Sveavägen, close to Rådmansgatan metro in Stockholm, and you know what? I am very happy to inform you that Miss Lopez´s blog has a new sponsor and cooperation, TACO BAR!!! I am so happy about it! There are so many things to do together and for the events too with Victoria. And David, really nice guy by the way! So nice! Victoria and I are coming back next Wednesday to try the fantastic Mexican  food and Spanish beer they have and I promise, I´ll show you the pictures afterwords. 🙂 So tasty!!!!

Viva Mexican food in town and Feelgood Womanhood!

MISS LOPEZ=the spirit of FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD to everybody!

And tomorrow after working at the Old Town in Stockholm, more business meetings. Hasta la vista!

Sov Gott=Sleep well in Swedish


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Miss Marisa’s at Oscar’s 2011. The Oscar goes to: JAVIER BARDEM!!


Today is the 82nd Oscars edition and we at Miss Lopez hope Javier Barden nominated for actor in a leading role for ‘Biutiful’ film, win the award.
Javier Barden is nominated for the actor in a leading role award, and it will be a difficult decision  because the favorite is  Colin Firth for the great acting in ‘The king’s speech’, and  the other candidates with fantastic interpretations  are the veteran Jeff Bridges for   ’ True Grit’, the amazing James Franco for the original film ‘127 hours’ and the ‘new entry’ Jesse Eisenberg incredible as Facebook developer Mark Zuckerberg , protagonist role for the blockbuster, ‘The social network’.
Javier Bardem would be the sixth performer to win an Oscar for a role using a foreign language if he wins as best actor for “Biutiful.” The previous winners are Italian speakers Sophia Loren (“Two Women”), Robert De Niro, (“The Godfather, Part II”) and Roberto Benigni (“Life is Beautiful”), Spanish speaker Benicio Del Toro (“Traffic”), and French speaker Marion Cotillard (“La Vie en Rose”).
On 2001 Barden was nominated for his amazing role playing the Cuban poet and writer, Reinaldo Arenas in ‘Before night falls’ , but the winner was Russell Crow for ‘Gladiator’  then. Finally on 2007 Bardem  won an academy award in the category best supporting actor as Anton Chigurg in the film for ‘No country for old men’
 Biutiful  is a story of a man in free fall. On the road to redemption, darkness lights his way. Connected with the afterlife, Uxbal is a tragic hero and father of two who’s sensing the danger of death. He struggles with a tainted reality and a fate that works against him in order to forgive, for love, and forever. The perfect role for the perfect actor. Javier has all this intensity inside.
Good Luck maestro, Miss Lopez womanhood is with you!!!
For this great event prepare popcorn, let’s see the Academy award in good company, enjoy all the Hollywood glamour at the red carpet, make your bets and feel good womanhood!!!

Buenas Noches!! Getting ready for Miss Lopez Kickoff!

Buenas noches desde Estocolmo!! Miss Lopez is back to you and I am writing to you from home! And do you know what? Getting ready for Miss Lopez Kickoff, and You, are you getting ready too? 🙂 See you there so Check it out!!

Today I have got a big box full of Reztart snack products and it feels so good this Swedish company of “intelligence” snacks are one of Miss Lopez´s sponsors so I´ll take with me some products to share. By the way, nowadays I always take with me a Reztart snack into town and it feels so good!!!

The other pictures are from the presentation at PUB mall in Stockholm of Baby Wool Alpaca from R&N Brännvall at Happy Color shop at the same mall. Cool! Now you can also find you favourite blogger “luxuty packed” if you like knitting…Nice, don´t you think so? At Happy Color´s shop, PUB mall Stockholm!!

Waiting for something good…Miss Lopez Kickoff and Feelgood!

Viva Girls Super Powers 🙂 everywhere and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

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Beauty tip 1, Take care of your hands!! by Miss Barcelona

Hello Miss Lopez community, Miss Barcelona is back, after a wonderful time in Barcelona with a very warm temperature and nowI am back in Estocolmo, sorry, Stockholm and I don’t know if you have noticed but it is VERY COLD!!!!, and of course with this weather our skin gets really dry and vulnerable, and an area that really suffers are our adorable hands!!!
Imagine that you’re having the time of your live with that gorgeous guy you’ve been obssesed with for a year and when finally the day has come oh! panic your hands are dryer than the Sahara desert!!!! 🙂 don´t worry that day will never exist with this fantastic tip to have fabulous and soft hands.
This is a three steps treatment for your hands,  a luxury spa  that you can have in the comfort of your own house twice a week.
Why do we need to do this two times a week?, the resaon it’s very simple, our skin cells are in constant regeneration and dead cells posed themselves in the surface, that is why we need to remove this dead skin in order to help our moisturize to do its work.
I would like to introduce the SATIN HANDS set from Mary Kay cosmetics, this incredible set will make your hands feel clean, moisturize and soft.
Step number one: Extra emolient night cream, as all of you know our hands are the part of our body that is most expose to the enviroment and any changes on temperature or the exposition to the sun can make them very dry and damage, that is why we start with this super moisturizing lotion to help our skin get repare immediately massaging our hands for one minute, making sure that we spread the lotion all over.
Step number two: Satin smoothie hand scrub, this scrub we’ll clean your hands deeply because it gives you full coverage all over your hands getting ride off the dead cells, as in step one, we massage our hands for one minute spreading the product all over and wash.
Step number three: Hand cream, once we have taken away the dead cells from our hands, its very important to moisturize our skin because it is now so clean that is too exposed and needs protection. The moisturize will work better and will go into the skin deeply because we had remove the dead cells.
This fantastic treatment is normally 650 SEK but for Miss Lopez fans you can get it now for 500 SEK. Go to!/pages/Beauty-Stockholm/152376581453646 for a free trial and kiss dry hands good bye this winter!!! 🙂 VIVA TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES!!!! and don’t forget to FEELGOOD with Miss Lopez community!! 😉

Vinn Spotify Premium i ett år!

From business matchmaking in Stockholm to the Oscars with Javier Bardem

Hello! Miss Lopez is back!!! After my intense business day yesterday findng good matchmakings, today busy  during the day, as always but then time to relax after an intense week. Let´s see what happens and as I love going to the cinema, I´ll think about it! Coming with Miss Lopez to the cinema? Shall we? I´d love too so let me know first. 🙂
Check it out and do not miss the change to get for free in Sweden! Congratulations!
But talking about matchmakings, all kinds, think that the shooting of Vicky Cristina  Barcelona of Woody Allen let Penelone Cruz and Javier Bardem, one of my favourite actors, find love together. You never know! You´ll may find love around the corner when less expected! What a such matchmaker is Cupid, dont you think so? 🙂
Here in the picture Penelope Cruz who has just become a mother a few weeks ago is in LA with Javier getting ready for the Oscars. The Final count down has started! Vivan los Oscars!!! 🙂
The thing is users of social network Facebook are committed to Javier Bardem as the favorite to capture the Oscar for best lead actor for his performance in Biutiful , in the 83 edition of the awards to be held next Sunday in Los Angeles. I hope to see Javier with a new Oscar in his hands this time? And you, who do you think is going to win the Oscar for the best actor?
Meanwhile you kan try to find your cinema date at Spray Date for exempel. Cool!!! Viva matchmaking in Business and everywhere and Feelgood! 🙂


Miss Lopez Business marathon today with Victoria Gomez

Hello everybody!!! Miss Lopez in Stockholm back to you my babies everywhere!!What a business day I have had today together with Victoria Gomez. I have just arrived home after 16 hours intense work. The thing is we are working on the concept Miss Lopez events together and today it has been one meeting, and intense ones, after the other…but FUN anyway as I love it! Good to have someone like Victoria, don´t you think so?

I feel I´ve rather not say too much before all the negotiations are done. You know, I am a doer , not a talker or at least I try!!! So in the morning a business lunch with a third person (I´ll tell you another day) so we can really make big events in Stockholm. They know how to do it and I am really looking forward to it but this is going to take some time, a few months I guess. The another meeting with Pontus from Shake my World, making events to single people and in Sweden there are many…so Let´s help single people to find their soul mate, don´t you think so??? With Miss Lopez too! 🙂

And then more important meetings…at Clarion hotel, etc…and then at home writing to you. By the way, have you checked at Miss Lopez Kickoff next week? I hope so so check it out now!

Tomorrow I´ll be at the presentation of Baby Wool Alpaca at PUB with and now, as you´ve been so nice to me, I think you deserve to go to the cinema with Miss Lopez! Don´t you think so?? 🙂 Check it out and Feelgood! Get your reward after a working day and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD everybody!!! Viva Women´s Business!

Gratisbio - Gratis biobiljetter

Pictures you may like…from Estocolmo, Sweden

Hello amigos! Miss Lopez is back again before going to bed! I am afraid today I must be very short as I have to wake up very early tomorow to go to a breakfast at Stockholm Business Region down town in Stockholm so I´ll bring you more news tomorrow…and at the end of the day I´ll be with Victoria Gomez at Clarion Hotel with Shake my World!
Here come the pictures from Wednesday and Thursday! Well so in the first picture Carlos Ibañez from Zumba4You coming to Miss Lopez Kickoff at Stureplan too. In the third picture Magnus, a really nice guy helping for a Nordic Tie event at SSES Stockholm, yesterday. On Thursday I went to a lunch at Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm where I have made new contacts, very interesting and then a meeting with Hanna and Miss Barcelona. By the way, see Hanna having a Reztart snack, cool! At the end of the day I went to a make up event at Stureplan from Pure, Stockholm.
I do hope you like the pictures..
And now back to bed to start tomorrow a new day…Buenas Noches, amigos!!
Mañana será un nuevo dia, or something like, tomorrow is another day, with more news from Miss Lopez and Feelgood
See , FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD everyday!!!

Miss Lopez at the presentation of Baby Wool Alpaca next Saturday at PUB

Hola amigos! Miss Lopez here. What a busy day I´ve had today! It´s just before I go to bed I have time to write to you. Sorry babies!!!

Talking about babies…Are you interested in knitting with wool of good quality? If so today I want to inform you before I write to you in another post my activities of these last two days, that I am going to be helping my friend Rosa Brännvall to show her Baby Wool Alpaca from Peru at PUB mall in Stockholm at 12am. She has her own site so Check it out!

The fanny part is that she made special boxes of wool with my own picture on it. Check it out!!! Coool!!! Now you can buy Miss Lopez´s favourite wool too with my picture to remmember me even at home while knitting! 🙂 You can find me at NK too…

Whatever do not miss this change to meet your favourite blogger 🙂 at Happy Color shop at PUB next Saturday! See you there!!

I love events! See me too at Miss Lopez Events and You´ll se Rosa Brännvall with her high quality Baby Wool Alpaca from Peru there as well!!!

Hasta la vista Babies!!!

Viva Good quality products and Feelgood!! Viva Women´s Business and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD


Miss Marisa’s recipes, today Gordon Ramsay sublime scrambled eggs

Buon Giorno Miss Lopez’s readers, today we cook here.
Probably you’re working and studying the whole day and when you arrived home can not cook or are too tired to do it, that’s why I love fast and simple recipes because we all need to cook to take care about our health and enjoy the happiness of preparing something for us and our families and friends without having to ‘work hard’ for doing it.
I Love Gordon Ramsay, you all probably know this ‘terrible’ chef from Hell’s kitchen reality, but Gordon the exigent cooking  teacher, has a lot of other shows on TV and is impossible not to be contagious with his passion for cooking and his research of perfection in any dish he prepares.
This time he brings us a simple but fabulous scrambled eggs recipe we can prepare on sunday, when we have more free time and inspiration.
I hope you like it and find peace cooking to feel  good  womanhood!!!