“Una de jamon serrano” and how to enjoy it at its best by Miss Lopez

Hello Miss Lopez here after the big success of my Spanish tortilla last night!
Something I do love it´s the taste of jamon serrano and at the bars in Spain it´s just delicious. “Una tapa de jamon serrano, por favor” is what you need to say to order it and Enjoy!
As I love Spanish (or Italian ) jamon serrano here come the clues related to the use of the ham to enjoy it even more. Thank God I can buy it in Sweden now but still the smell and the tasty touch is special in Spain…

  • Nothing like going to a shop where the butcher meets with love, not rush,  and listen to customer concerns …
  • Regarding the art of cutting the ham , it’s essential to keep very sharp knife and always cut in the opposite direction to the hand that is holding the ham. Professionals can do it differently, but at home it is best to avoid any risk.
  • The ideal temperature for cutting the ham is 23 º C .
  • Regarding the use of ham in the kitchen , I bet not only the classic recipes (some ham on toasted bread can be the best) but also by the creativity and the ‘boldness’ in the kitchen . For example, anchovies in vinegar with ham, marinated mussels with ham , even ice cream ham with bread Tumaca. Why not?
  • And to drink the first thing that comes to mind is all the cold beer or a Rioja wine. However, you can always use your imagination and Feelood!

And you, how do you like Jamon Serrano ?
Viva the Spanish flavours in your kitchen ! Let´s have Spanish tapas together and Feelgood!