Miss Lopez this weekend: I need a tickling session!

Hello from a white Sweden this Saturday! Miss Lopez here wriing to you. I love this song from Juan Luis Guerra so check it out! A really nice Latin song from South America saying something like ” me sube la bilirrubina, cuando te miro y no me miras…, y no lo cura la aspirina, etc…” more or less like loving human touch can help you more in order to feel good than an aspirin…so sweet! 🙂
In fact not getting enough human touch can make you angry, stressed and in a very bad humor, even sick, didn´t you know?, so my goal for 2011 is to shake my stress  once and for all. 😀 Actually I have found out today that getting a session of tickling in a tickling center can also make a lot good for you. Yes it´s true! Tickling! Cosquillas in Spanish. Can you imagine being tickled with a soft fleather? Cool!
There are studies that show that you can hold off your anxiety with just tickling so say goodbye to stress and have fun instead!.  Do you know that tickling in a soft way is very good for your health and for your endorphins as well?. I think I may try this once for all! 🙂 Good finding out new methods!

The funny thing is that there is a new company in Madrid, Spain dedicated to this business in order you to feel good! Viva the tickling business too!

Where? at Cosquillearte .García de Paredes, 33.Madrid. Tel 91 591 78
I am afraid I won´t be able to travel this weekend to Madrid for a tickling session and I wonder if there is someone who likes tickling too 🙂 Joke!
Yes, nothing like having fun and if it´s with tickling even better. Nice with soft and sweet human interaction!
I believe if everybody gets enough tickling and human touch this world will be a better place. Let´s fight for the right of tickling and loving human touch and Feelgood! Viva the Latin touch! 🙂