Hello! Miss Lopez is having a Spanish tortilla for dinner tonight!

Hello everybody! Miss Lopez here at home in Sweden in a Saturday night. Good to be at home sometimes! I was thinking what to blog about for tonight and I came to the conclusion that I´d love to share my dinner with you! 🙂  A really nice Spanish tortilla so here it comes the recipe in this video. So goooooooood! I love it!
Actually right now it´s almost 7:00 pm and I know it´s dinner time in Sweden. I am just going to start to cook a tortilla at home in Sweden but before that I share the recipe to you so maybe we can even eat it at the same time!. What do you think?
I promise it´s delicious! Nothing like a really nice Spanish tortilla! So simple but so tasty! In fact tortilla must be the most common meal at the Spanish homes and you´ll find it everywhere at the bars and restaurants in Spain as a tapa! Please let me know how does it go, otherwise I may cook for you a nice tortilla next time! 🙂
Oh my God, I miss Spain now…!
Good with Spanish flavour in your kitchen and Feelgood! See, cooking tips with a Latin touch! I love it!
Have a good tortilla for tonight dinner you too and FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!