Miss Lopez: the art of mingling at Venture Cup, Stockholm

Hello my Dear reader in a Friday night at home after a long day with meetings and even a mingling in the evening. I feel a bit stressed today for just personal reasons, but I´ll leave this subject for another post. Thank you for your support I must say and all the people who believe in Feelgood Womanhood. I could see this during my business meetings today all day and the nice feedback I get because of my blog. Thanks everybody!

At the end of the day I went to an event for business woman at Venture Cup and actually I think it was much better than I expected. The speakers, the mingling, everything…well done!. There I could lisen to Business in Heart, experts in mingling and networking. I believe everything you do, become better when you put your heart in it and there is an art in mingling as well. 😀 You´d better put your heart in what you´re doing if you really want to Feel good, I think. It´s worth it. Doing things with your heart and lisen to yourself (and I believe it´s even a better expression than passion) is the key to success. The art of doing things to make you Feelgood! 🙂

In the first two pictures, the speakers and in the third one, Ylva Form, a really interesting young woman in love with Jamaica who wants to start an NGO to help young people and women in search of own development. Cool! I´d told you, it was a really nice mingling! Interesting cooperation for Miss Lopez too, isn´t it?

Put your heart in everything you do and Feelgood! The art of feeling good…

And Viva businesswomen everywhere! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD