What has Miss Lopez been doing in Stockholm on the 26th ?…

Hello! Miss Lopez here before I am going to bed soon. I am going to be a bit short in my writing as I want to respect my sleeping hours. So important to have good routines, yes I think so, and that´s why feelgood womanhood! Take care of yourself ´cause we´re worth it!

Well, for those who may wonder what Miss Lopez have been doing today, after having a really nice birthday cake as my breakfast, getting the nice baby news and working during the day for a few hours, I´ll let you know now!. Do you know what I did? Mingling again! Yes it´s true! 🙂

Some of my friends and readers of my blog, ask me if I´m mingling and having parties all day long as so it´s looks like in my blog. 🙂 Well, maybe I should go less to minglings these days…it can be too much too. I´d rather meet people in a more “natural” less superficial way, “tete a tete”, though it´s fun with minglings and I love it too. Nice having human interaction!

Well so todays minglings!. First at Hotal Rival own by one of ABBA´s singers at Supertalanger, Veckan´s affärer event. In the first picture Viktor Åkerblom, known in Sweden for a very popular Swedish TV program among children Bolibompa, today having his own business and working with and for children. Cool! 🙂 I know him for a few years in the show business. He´s an actor as well by the way! Nice to meet him at Rival after all this time!.

Well and then Hotellet Club as promised, really nice Stockholm´s Connection event for alliens and others in Stockholm. There I´ve met some friends as you can see in the picture and many others too… The organiser from Russia told me she really likes my blog and now we are having a meeting one of these days. Good! Actually this is what minglings are made for, aren´t they? 🙂 networking!

Viva human interaction and Feelgood!

And now I must go to sleep and sweet dreams to you all!

Tomorrow working all day at fundraising at Old town, Riddarholmen in Stockholm so no minglings tomorrow but on Friday I think I have something for women entrepreneurship at Venture cup in the evening. I´ll keep you updated with more Miss Lopez´s news!. A little kiss!