The great news of today: a Spanish baby boy was born in L.A

Hello! Miss Lopez , Spanish woman living in Sweden, Stockholm here today! I am in such a good humor today and I do not know why! I thing is my blogging that makes me feel so good! Nothing as great as feeling good! 🙂 Feelgood Blogging! Actually I am going to make another post after this one but before I want to tell you that for me the news of today is the birh of Penelope and Javier´s child in Los Angeles, California last Saturday, and you can read the news at Spanish Hola, so good!

Their relationship (as friends, partners and as lovers as well) has had its ups and downs and they have kept it secretly for quite a long time after one day they decided to make it public and official at the Goya´s Awards in Spain, the equivalent of the Oscars or Guldbagge awards but in Spain. Then one day, Javier all in a sudden declared his love for Penelope at Film Cannes Awards and again in L.A. not a long time ago. Check it out! Such a gentleman and nice guy! I really like him! 🙂 By the way, I wish all men were gentleman but I am afraid most are not, sorry Guys! 🙂  What a pity! I think having a gentleman is one of women´s rights! Why not? Yes, FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

Whatever I must say, maybe because I grow up in a traditional family and I studied in a Catholic school with nuns in Spain (so different to Swedish style by the way!) I can be a bit old fashioned in just this matter, though I am very social, shy with guys in a good way and sometimes I believe in fairy tales.. This is Miss Lopez! 🙂

Felicidades to these two Spanish actors, Penelope and Javier and Viva gentlemen and women´s rights too!

By the way, I must check if my Spanish friend from Galicia, Eva married to a German in Sweden,  has just got her baby! I´ll let you know!

See you soon my Latin lovers! 😀