From Beautiful Business Awards to next networking event at Hotellet

Hello beautiful! 🙂 How are you doing today?. Myself I still remmember last night®s party, Guldbagge afterparty, and what a party I must say!

So today happy but a bit tired I went to Internet Discovery Day and after that to another event, the beautiful business awards at Rival in Stockholm. I am afraid I had things to do afterwards, like finding a cake for someone®s birthday tomorrow and I could not stay for the event. I have just had time to take some pictures there with one of their sponsors. I feel better staying at home today as tomorrow I must work and then I have been invited to go to Stockholm®s connection event at Hotellet at Östermalm, Stockholm. The nice thing I am going with an old friend of mine from Cuba and Miami living in Sweden that helped me with tips to create Miss Lopez when it was just an idea and for sure it®s going to be fun tomorrow to talk about business as well after all this time. Thanks to my Cuban friend!

In a few hours I am going to have my “beauty” sleep so I look “fresh” to you in my pictures for tomorrow. 🙂

And remmember, take care of yourself and let the beauty of you (inside and outside) come out!

`Cause weŽre worth it! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD