What should I wear on Monday at Guldbaggegala´s afterparty at Berns?

Hello there, Miss Lopez here! You know, I am feeling blue today. I may have my own reasons but let´s keep them to myself. Even if I have a blog, it doesn´t mean I can not have my secrets.. 🙂

Still writing to you feels so good and I am getting a bit happier already! The thing is next week I am going to be very, very busy with work and minglings almost every single day and I think it´s good to take it easy now, so no party today!.

Next Monday I am going to Guldbagge´s afterparty at Berns starting at 11 p.m. more or less and already now I am thinking what I should wear that day and maybe you can help me with your ideas and feedback. This film party is the equivalent in Sweden of the Oscars or Golden Gloves afterparty, after getting the awards for the best film nominations, but in Sweden.  I am sure it´s going to be interesting. As Woody Allen said in Oviedo, Spain last year, Sweden, Italy and now Spain (since Almodovar…) are the countries with more interesting films outside USA. Yes I look forward to going to this party so I was thinking of getting a bit inspiration from the most representatives latinas of all times (though there are more) of course La Lopez, J.Lo and Eva Longoria at the last Golden Gloves edition. Lopez is wearing in the picture a beautiful dress from Murad Zuhoir and crystal earrings and Eva, a dress that I really like as well but in black, from Zac Posen, really nice on her, I think. For sure these two put a lot of Latin glamour on the red carpet, don´t you think so?

I am not sure if I, Miss Lopez should wear a long dress for this film afterparty in Sweden, but I do hope to put my Latin glamour that day at Berns. Nice getting inspiration from the Hollywood stars! 😀

This is what Latin glamour is made for: to make you feelgood in Sweden and everywhere! Viva Latin glamour!

By the way, I am feeling much better already! so FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!