Social media to make you feel good at the Hub, Stockholm

Hello amigos!

Thank God my server is back so I can write to you again. I love writing to you!!! So here now comes Miss Lopez news from yesterday´s mingling at the Hub in Stockholm. It seems like the time for minglings is back in Sweden. As I have told you, Swedish people love networking, mingligs and sociala media as well,  at the most. Actually I think with USA, Sweden are number one in this matter. Could it be because the weather and so the people here are “less” responsive and social than in other parts of the planet so social media is good instaid?. I think definely it can be one of the reasons, but this is what I think. What do you think?. Let me know! As long as you don´t loose the close contact to people and it´s not a substitute…if it helps to get closer then it´s good, so Feelgood!.  Actually I have done a research at Stockholm University about Feelgood Blogging and I´d love you to read it one day. I´ll let you know.

This mingling at the Hub was about online marketing examined from a practical perspective from different angles. There were companies talking about online marketing, SEO, social media, and online campaigns. Like one of the speakers Annika Lidne from Disruptive Media AB that I have found very interesting to lisen explaining how social media is about learning and giving a content and not  selling, of course!!.
Other speakers were Oskar Alm  from Jajja Communications AB  and Christer Persson  from Effektiv Webbnärvaro AB

I think I am becoming an expert myself in social media after so much blogging 😀 and I love it!

Yes Viva social media to make you Feelgood! 🙂 Viva Feelgood Networking!

And tomorrow Stockholm International Fair, FOREX and next Monday Berns with Victoria Gomez so more news are coming soon…to be continued.