Miss Isabel Lopez today at Stockholm International Fair, Formex

Hello! Isabel Lopez, chief editor of Miss Lopez®s blog here today. Well you can call me Miss Lopez too.. 🙂  I like the thing that in Spain, women do not change surnames after marriage and never did. Actually I have been married in Sweden once with a Swede and I had changed my name at that time but not anymore whatever happens in the future. So yes, I am Miss Lopez forever no matter what. So you can call me Lopez, Miss Lopez!

This is the reason I came to Sweden and you can read it at the Året Runt magasine I got today at home (in my last picture). I have been interviewed by a journalist in Sweden for this magasine and I think it was a great fun to do this reportage. So get to know the secret behind a really good Spanish paella!. Check it out!

Today I was giving a hand to my friend Veronica Schelander at her stand at Stockholm International Fair, Formex. Interesting to meet potential customers as well as her parents, her father from Sweden and her mother from Peru. Veronica imports really fine and colourful jewel from Peru at the same time she helps people in need in the Amazonas and I think she is great. By the way, check her site at Cueva Art & Design and find out. I love it! Myself I love wearing CuevaÂŽs jewel. Nice!

And then I met too my other friend from Peru, Rosa from R&N BrĂ€nnvall that sells alpaca wool from Peru and she is so sweet. You know I have been model for her company a month ago, so check it out! and now she is selling her wool at NK mall in Stockholm with my photo, the Royal mall and most exclusiv mall of all! She calls this “Miss Lopez in a luxury box” 🙂 as you can see in the third picture. Next week I am going to find out exactly where but she sells in many other shops too. IÂŽll let you know. Really nice wool by the way!

I must say there must be something special with Peruvian woman! So sweet and entrepreneurial all together! I really like these my new friends, Veronica and Rosa. Viva Latin women from the whole Latin world!

and all women too, so FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD to everybody!