Miss Lopez everywhere and it may snow tomorrow in Italy as well!

Hello Miss Miranda introducing Watios, hip hop from A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. Check it out! at
I am sorry the You Tube code is not working this time…Lo Siento!
Buona sera dear readers! Miss Miranda writing one more day to you.
Today I want you to introduce you one of my friends, he’s the singer of Watios. He’s from my city where I come from, and Miss Lopez!, A Coruña in Spain, and now I’ll show you his first videoclip from Italy. Miss Lopez is everywhere!!!
He started singing six years ago but his career turned up last year when his group decided to record an EP. Next Saturday 29th, they are going to present their new album in a great concert in Coruña, in a club called Leclub and you could buy their album there! It’s a shame that I’m going to miss it… But you guys can go and then tell me how it was!
This is their webside and you can also download the album there 😉
I love the video! Don’t you?? He’s single, girls!!! )
Their lyrics are in Spanish so get a Latin feeling listening to them! Very good! (I think)
Viva Spanish music and Feelgood Womanhood!
I’m still going crazy between books and sheets in Italy, but all this mess is going to end in thirteen days hopefully! By the way, I heard today on the news that it maybe snow tomorrow! We’re really exciting about it, but to my readers from Sweden I know that it’s not a great new 😉
Check tomorrow Miss Lopez and discover if it snowed or not in the Adriatic sea!
Ciao ciao