How to make a real Feelgood Spanish paella by Miss Lopez

Hello my Dear friends! I have missed you already! I actually feel tired today. So good my guest bloggers Victoria Gomez and Miss Miranda keep you updated with so many Latin news! So good and more is comig…Thank you girls! 😀 Talking about old pictures like Miss Miranda in Stockholm last summer, these are the ones taken by a Swedish magasine (photo by Sorri) to make a reportage about me, Miss Lopez in Sweden and how to make a delicious Spanish dinner. Of course paella is so well known internationally and I love it, so at the beginning of this last Fall I decided to make a paella for this magasine too, Året Runt. So here come my tips to make the best paella for you. First of all, you´ll have to find a real Spanish woman like Miss Lopez in the kitchen 🙂 , cheers, passion, spontaneity and a touch of humor as well, and all together it will make the world´s best paella of all.. 🙂 Si, si I am joking a bit but it´s true that you need to put dedication and a lot of love when cooking. Eating is life and it´s so important to cook with Love! Even the best chef in the world, the Spanish Ferrán Adriá will agree with me, so check it out! But for those who still wonder how to make a real paella, seriously, here comes the recipe: Viva la paella originally from Valencia by the way! Check it out at Spain recipes and you´ll find all kinds of paella. My favourite is the mixed paella with chicken and seefood, so Bon Apetit! 🙂

Let´s make food with Love and Feelgood! Viva the Spanish kitchen!

Hasta la vista babies!