Miss Lopez this Friday with Revert and Cueva Art & Design

Hello my Dear readers! Miss Lopez here, Isabel by the way!
I am waiting for this Friday to come. You know, I love Fridays, probably the best day of the week,  Friday´s fever? 🙂
I still do not know what I´ll be doing in the evening on Friday, but during the day I´ll be at FORMEX, the Swedish decoration, art & design fair at the International Fair in Sweden, Stockholm.  There I´ll have the change to give a hand at the stand of my friend Veronica from Cueva Art & Design, a really nice, interesting woman both from Peru and Sweden.
As you may know, I am an agent for REVERT, Spanish decoration house, in Sweden that sells bedding products among other decoration products of very good quality and I hope there to meet some of my clients and why not future clients as well. Actually I am looking for more retailers in Sweden, so if you know someone interested, let me know! I promise I will be very happy! 😀 Viva Spanish bedding to make you Feel Goood!
Well in the picture taken by Jini Sofia just before this Christmas (I hope you like it) you can see me with my favourite armband from Cueva Art & Design and these really nice earrings that I love them!
Yes, fashion, films, design, decoration…all together creations of art, don´t you agree?
As one of my friends from A Coruña used to say, “Siempre busca la belleza”… Well, I hope to see you on Friday looking for it! 🙂
Hasta la vista mis amigos! and Feelgood anytime even if it´s not Friday! 🙂