Mikael Persbrandt film´s award in Bervelly Hills. Is he coming to Berns?

Hello my Dear readers! I am still on my way to 100% recovery but it´s exciting to experience blogging as something good for me even in my ups and downs, yes all times. I do like writing and knowing there are more and more people reading Miss Lopez´s blog all over the world, really cheers me up, so thank you very much again from Miss Lopez.
Today Miss Lopez news from Bervelly Hills with the Golden Gloves! Fun to know most of my readers are from Hollywood and Bervelly Hills, California, USA among other places too like Stockholm! I must thank my guest blogger Miss Miranda to let me know about the Gloden Gloves these days in her last post and J.Lo´s dress on the red carpet. Today I have found out the film Revenge, Hämnden in Swedish in which Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt has the leading roll, got an award for best foreign film at the Golden Globes yesterday in Bervelly Hills. Cool! Well, I must say I have been in different shootings as an extra in Sweden with Mikael working in them (Fun!) and I think Persbrandt has real carisma and he deserves it. I am a big fan of Mikael too. Yes, Spanish Javier Bardem and Mikael Persbrandt are my favourites…didn´t you know? 🙂
The Golden Gloves usually give a good indication of how it will go to Oscar Gala. Let´s see!. Another film “The social network” of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was one of the favorites to win the best drama category. See, Viva social feelgood networking that I love!
Next monday it´s the “Swedish Oscars” afterparty at Berns in Stockholm and let´ll see if Mikael Persbrandt will be there. I will be there so I´ll let you know! Fun!
And remmember, no business like the show business and viva good acting! By the way, check the trailer and let me know what you think!
Viva good actors that make us women feel good! 🙂