Miss Lopez´s mingling about World Class Arbitration in Stockholm

Hello my Latin Lovers again! 🙂 I love that expression, you know that, that´s why!

As today I was feeling better after the long weekend at home, I was able to attend a mingling I have been invited to by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce at the Clarion Sign Hotel in Stockholm. This was about World Class  Arbitration for Sweden by SCC Institute, so check it out!

The thing is I have studied law in Spain before I moved to Sweden so it´s allways interesting to find out about law matters in other countries as well. It seems a long time ago since I studied law in Spain but I believe the most important is I have learned new ways of thinking, so even if I have never had the change really to become a lawyer or something in Sweden, the ground of my studies will allways be within me. Amazing how life may turn out! Yes, that´s why maybe I fight my way so much for human rights and woman rights too. Yes, Feelgood Womanhood to everybody! Let´s do it! 🙂

Most were men there… Even though I had the chance to meet two really nice ladies on my side, Lisa af Burén, married to a Greek man and Karin Ståhlbröst both lawyers working at Delphi lawyer firm in Stockholm. As you can see we could enjoy a really exclusive mingling at Clarion Sign Hotel in Stockholm. I do think Swedish are good at mingling! Yes, I mean it! So come to Stockholm you too with me and I´ll show you! 🙂

Nice to be back to minglings in Sweden!

Viva human rights and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!