Glamour, dreams and the new hope of Princess Madeleine again.

Hello Miss Lopez from Sweden writing to you again. I am still at home reading the news in Sweden and I hope to be well this coming week, let´s say tomorrow! I hope…Yes, what´s life without hope! As glamour and dreams. I do think hope is also very important to cope in general, so whatever, don´t loose hope, OK? 🙂
Cool you like my Royal news from Sweden, so here comes more. Yes Madeleine of Sweden looks happy again. It seems that the Swedish princess has a new reason to smile after the separation from her ex-boyfriend and former fiance Jonas Bergström, with whom she broke last April after eight years together: a new hope in love! New year, new life too 🙂
The Swedish tabloid Expressen published this last week on its cover a photo of the youngest daughter of the king Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia in loving relationship with a young man in an upscale restaurant in the Big Apple, under the headline “The secret romance of Madde” (as popularly it is called in Sweden). Whoever this guy may be, it seems to have a good effect on her. It takes a while to recover after a hard time but after that,  may the sun comes up! 😉 as Shakira´s last single. Yes, hope will make you more positive and will make you achieve easier your dreams, I believe.
Yes hope is very important, so let´s hope for something good and Feelgood!
May the sun comes up again after the rain and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!