Miss Lopez taking it easy at home reading the news…from Real Madrid!

Hello! Miss Lopez from home in Sweden. I still have this cold so I´ve decided I am going to take it easy at home this weekend. I do hope to be well on Monday. Not easy after coming back from Spain a few days ago…

Actually I may feel homesick too, I mean my beautiful home in Spain (that´s the thing about being part of two countries) so now when I have time to be at home in Sweden, I am reading the news too about all what´s happening there to cheer me up. So I´ve found out Cristiano Ronaldo in the picture, is becoming a legend at Real Madrid football team. It´s not that I am a big fan of football in general, but when it comes to Spanish football, specially when I am abroad, reading the news from there  really makes me feel good. I find specially cute the pictures about Ronaldo for Armani ad, don´t you agree? Good to cheer you up! 🙂

The thing is Cristiano Ronaldo is now the best scorer of Real Madrid as reported in the web page of the white team, Real Madrid footall team. The 22 goals he has scored (1.22 per game) in 18 games of the season, is allowing Ronaldo to overcome the previous mark. Thank you all for your support. Hala Madrid!“, published he in his Twitter account .

My father was from Madrid. I miss Madrid, Galicia, Spain and my family there, and Viva Spanish football!, 🙂 .

“De Madrid al cielo” (from Madrid to heaven) and Feelgood!