Feelgood economy to everybody with Charlie Söderberg!

Hello! Miss Lopez here in Sweden. Yesterday I have been invited by my friend Victoria Gomez to a seminar in Stockholm about economy. And you know what, the speaker was Charlie Söderberg, famous in Sweden for a TV program.

The question is, would you like to find more balance in your life and have more time, money and more quality of life so you can really feel very good?, and maybe even work less but earn more and feel better?. Here I must say, as we say in Spain, there are three things in life, health, money and love (salud, dinero y amor) and all three must be balanced so you can feel good.

It may sound  like a chiché but it is not. When we become aware of it and we know what we want, then we can achieve our goals. And the most important of all, our attytude makes the difference!. I believe we are what we think!. So think positive! 🙂

I really like Charlie Söderberg seminar and I think there are a lot of things in common with my concept: Feelgood Womanhood! Allways look for balance! I have already talked to him after the seminar so let´s see what we can do together.

Yes, I believe Balance economy is Feelgood economy too!

Find the balance allways and Feelgood! Viva Feelgood economy and FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!