Miss Lopez News: Isabel Shakira is singel now!

Hello there! I have just found out at Shakira´s site, that Shakira, well her real name is Isabel,  is singel now. Like Miss Lopez, (Isabel too) by the way! 🙂

Shakira and her ex boy-friend, Antonio de la Rua from Argentina just decided to have a time out after eleven years, so now time will tell what´s going to happen! However, as happens to the stars, their history was not entirely safe from rumors. The latest, the supposed relationship with the football player from Barcelona Gerard Piqué, (in the picture on the right, on the right) that she denied it last November during the presentation of Freixenet campaign in Barcelona. Pique and I together? That’s a ‘waka-rumor’!” said the Colombian star to the media in Spain without losing her good humor. You now, Waka Waka song composed it for the World Cup? Of course you do!.

Well I am sure, something new and good are going to happen (to us) in the near future. As we say in Spanish, after the storm, it comes the calm…or the sun. Oop! Like the latest Shakira´s album, “Sale el sol”!

May the sun come out 🙂 after the rain, and Feelgood!

Miss Lopez is fan of Shakira so FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!