A cold and a Thai soup at Berns with Veronica today

Hello everybody! Miss Lopez here with Veronica at Berns, Stockholm, Sweden. What a terrible cold I have today! Can®t you see? 🙂 I have just read my guest blogger, Miss Miranda®s post from Italy and what a difference in temperature with Sweden! In Spain, when I was there a few days ago, it was about the same, around 15 degrees!. Well, still I am happy I met today my friend and business woman too, Veronica Schelander, both Swedish and Peruvian married too a Swedish guy.

I have met her at Latino Deli at Södermalm, Stockholm before Christmas and she sells really nice silver and jewel from Peru. Check it out! Cueva Art & Design I were allways with me something of her. We are both entrepreneurs and went together to a mingel for StarUps at Berns. When there we decided to stay and have something to eat.

Talking about not feeling well, Veronica told me the importance of having healthy habbits, eating regulary, sleeping the right amount of hours, etc…And now when I think about it, I think she is completely right. Not even the biggest business should take away your sleep or good habbits, I say. And discipline, as my mother used to say is allways necessary in order to do things right, even to yourself.

Never forget taking  care of yourself with the right habbits and Feelgood!

As Woody Allen used to say, the most important of all, itÂŽs our health! And I agree!