Miss Lopez is coming to Swedish “Oscars” afterparty at Berns on the 24th

Hello my Dear friends from USA, Sweden, Spain…all over the world! Miss Lopez here today from Sweden where I live, you know. I am so happy with my new guest blogger, Miss Miranda. She´ll be back to you with more news with a Latin touch directly from Italy. Good, isn´t it? 🙂

You may wonder, what a Latina woman, Miss Lopez, has been doing today in Scandinavia, the beautiful Sweden? Well, today I have business meetings but I am afraid I have aphonia and I can´t not talk right now but I hope I´ll feel better tomorrow. Good to know today I am going to be at the Swedish Film “Oscars” afterfest, (equivalent to Oscars in Hollywood) or should I say Guldbaggegalan 2011 at Berns in Stockholm. In Spain, we have Los Goyas as equivalent, with Almodovar, Penelope Cruz…in their last edition. This afterfest will be on the 24th of January, this month and I guess it´s going to be great fun. The Swedish films nominations are done and I know the nominations for the best Swedish actresses this year are Pernilla August, Noomi Rapace (from Millenium Trilogy) and Alicia Vikander. Yes, for sure “la creme de la creme” of the Swedish film industry will be there. Fun! Are you coming with me? 🙂

I´ll show the pictures of this afterfest then as it´s actually in two weeks. Meanwhile you can see me in this picture with Ola Rapace among others at a Swedish shooting this last summer. I hope you´ll like it! 🙂 Sometimes I work at shootings too and it´s a lot of fun. I´ll see when it´ll be my next one! By the way, I love Swedish films too, didn´t you know?. So now you know.

Well I look forward for this party on the 24 th and I´ll tell you more then with Miss Lopez inside!

Nothing is like the show business! 🙂 I´ll have fun for you too. By the way, are you coming with me? If not, I´ll show the pictures later and Feelgood!

Viva Feelgood Womanhood at Berns afterfest and everywhere at any time!