Oops! Javier Bardem did it again!

Hello everybody!. Miss Lopez in Sweden now! Talking how weather can has an effect on peopleÂŽs temper and the “playing Swedish” thing 🙂 yesterday (fun too by the way), here you can see someone who is not afraid of showing to the world  his feelings and ideas: Spanish Javier Bardem. I like him very much as he is a mixture of a really macho man in a good way, so tender and sweet! and do not forget the fun. Nice!

Once again, Javier Bardem has publicly declared according to Hola, his love for his wife, Penelope Cruz . The Spanish actor was honored last night at the International Film Festival Palm Springs, in southern California. Javier received the International Star Award for his work in Biutiful , Mexican film vying for a nomination in the category of non-English language film at next year’s Academy Awards. Such a good actor he is too!

I want to share this with my love, Penelope , so good human being she is. She is a gift, my gift, my present and my future, thanks, I love you , “confessed the actor.

The dedication of the winner of an Oscar for No Country for Old Men pointed to a declaration of love like he did to Penelope Cruz in May of last year’s French Film Festival de Cannes . By then, Bardem did not hesitate to open his heart to the world and surprised the crowd with these romantic words refering to Penelope: “I share this joy with my friend, my partner and my love, Penelope: I owe you many things and I love you”

So why not try a Latin heart in your life?  Feelgood! 🙂  and Congratulations Penelope!