Miss Lopez´s tips in London: What to buy on sales?

[foto de la noticia]

Hello there! Miss Lopez here today in London on my way to Stockholm this weekend. I love this picture by the way, very Miss Lopez, don´t you agree? 🙂 There is so much to buy on sale here in London, really much! While here I was wondering what to buy now when sales are everywhere. You know I love fashion and I wouldn´t mind buying the whole store and cloths everyday, it is one of my passions. Sorry! I do not drink much, not smoke but I love shopping… 🙂 Nevertheless, the thing is, I  realize I´d better buy basic items (like in the picture, so nice!) unless it´s something really worth it. Sometimes when I see my wardrobe I see so many things I never put on and I think it´s a pity. Too heavy!…

Good with Chic & Cheap shops  etc…whatever we should bet for something more durable now when the spring is around the corner sooner than you expected. Oh my God, time flyes! So make the best of it: either waste your time or money in clothes you are not going to use that often, if you don´t mind my tips.  I don´t like to waste my time either by the way. The question is: it is worth it?

So think twice before you buy and Feelgood!