Miss Lopez cooking tips: how to bake a typical “Roscón de Reyes”

Hello! Miss Lopez here!Do you know that today at any Spanish home you´ll find a delicious “Roscon de Reyes” eaten only the 6th of January. When everybody get their presents, the whole family meets to eat together this typical Spanish cake. Nice! And the good thing, if you happen to find a small figure inside, you´ll be lucky all year! I hope to find it myself tomorrow when I wake up. Meanwhile I´ll be having sweet dreams waiting for nice presents to come!. Viva being at home in Spain this time of the year! Vivan The Three Wise Men, Los Reyes Magos in Spanish!
Fernando Prats, pastry Frama (Palma de Mallorca) teaches us how to prepare it at home. Check it out and Feelgood!
Have a nice epifany you and see you soon!