Get inspired by Hollywood´s glamour and Feelgood Womanhood!

Hello, Miss Lopez here with glamour news from Hollywood that I love. The stars of Desperate Housewives are back to give us a lesson in style and elegance. Check it out! The neighbors of Wisteria Lane have posed more sensual than ever to promote the upcoming season of the hit ABC series. Eva Longoria , Marcia Cross ,Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman in the picture once again show us they are the most glamorous women of television, whose contracts put them among the highest paid stars, because they are worth it too. The serie creator Marc Cherry has signed an agreement with the chain to keep the serie until 2013 after showing good viewing figures with 12.9 million viewers on average per chapter and a very cost effective advertising as the value of a 30-second spot is 150,000 euros. Viva the women power!

Get inspired by the stars and Feelgood! 🙂

Viva glamour from Holywood to make us feel good!