Sculptor Ramon Conde and Chocolate con churros in the City, A Coruña

Hola amigos y amigos, Miss Lopez here!. Just a few days to fly back to Sweden this weekend but before that, I still enjoy the Spanish lifestyle I like so much , very social by the way. So after lunch at home I went to Coruña city, that has all. I do believe most people here have a very good life and know how to enjoy it.

So first I went to the mall as it´s time for shopping here before the Three Wise Men come on the 5th by night, “the magical night”.  I think I have been a good girl this year so I hope I´ll get some presents, don´t you think so? 🙂 Because I am worth it!

In the picture with a copy of a Ramon Conde sculpture though you can find real ones in the city close to Hercules Tower in Coruña and internationally. Do you know Ramon Conde?. He is an well known sculptor and artist that love making big women bodies without complex, very Feelgood Womanhood, don´t you think so? He is famous for that and I can understand it. No complex at all!

Then me in the city to the shopping area down town, Los Cantones and then, something really Spanish, eating “Chocolate con churros”. So gooood! I love them and this Spanish tradition. You must try chocolate con churros when in Spain!. I love them! As you can see…

Enjoy the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood wherever you are and Feelgood!

Venture out the woman in you without complex! FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD