Miss Lopez eating tapas waiting for The Three Wise Men,Los Reyes Magos

Hello again!. Sorry for the delay. Still in A Coruña, Spain ( known also for the Deportivo football club) waiting for The Three Wise Men or Los Reyes Magos (Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar)  as we say in Spain. See one of them on my back at a shopping center. In Spain, as a country with Catholic traditions, Santa Claus is a bit less popular than “These” Men. I guess in Italy is about the same. The good thing about it, it´s that you feel the spirit of Christmas is much longer than in other countries when people get presents the 24th or the 25th of December. As a little lady I used to get my presents on the 5th of January by them, still now. Very wise I must say 🙂 with all the presents, specially to the kids. This 5th is a big party here as well and I´ll be there!

So today I have been to the mall and had the change to eat Spanish tapas I enjoy so much at El Corte Inglés, like tortilla, Spanish tortilla!. Nothing like a really tasty Spanish tortilla. I am very good at cooking tortilla, so if you wish just let me know!. 🙂 I´ll make you the nicest tortilla!

I will be back to Stockholm, Sweden this weekend but meanwhile I enjoy the Spanish Lifestyle in A Coruña. Great Fun!

Viva Latin Lifestyle and Feelgood!