Princess Victoria of Sweden, the most beautiful bride 2010 and Feelgood Womanhood

Hello!. Happy New Year 2011! And now one good thing to remmember of 2010! Princess Victoria of Sweden´s wedding!. Do you remmember it?. I must admit I love to write about her as I can see you like my news about Princess Victoria and I think she has the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood too!
Before going out for the party in A Coruña in a moment, I´ve been reading for a short while the news, and do you know what?, according to Hola magazine, Princess Victoria of Sweden has been elected by people in Spain, the most beautiful bride of 2010. Who will be the most beautiful bride for this new year?. Let´s see!
The first daughter of Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia of Sweden gave the ‘yes I do’ to her fiance, Daniel Westling, in an exciting and tender ceremony held in the cathedral of Stockholm, after eight years of relationship. Victoria of Sweden wore an unique model in silk duchess satin with short sleeves, boat neck collar. The impressive tail, five feet long, was trimmed and fastened around the waist with a buttoned waistband, and veiled in the same way. Nice, isn´t it?
And you, are you looking for romance this new year too? Well, a good one, not a “bad romance” like Lady Gaga´s song. 🙂
Viva el amor anytime and Feelgood! 🙂 Feelgood Womanhood