Let´s party with Miss Lopez!

Hello amigos after New Year´s party in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. What a party to celebrate the new year 2011!. I met one of my best friends, an old friend of mine, Marisol Garcia Penalta that has been living and studied law at University in USA, Minnesota, The Swedish State, (actually I have spent my first Midsommer at Minneapolis, Minnesota) for many years ago and she, my friend, just come back to live in Spain, A Coruña.  Myself I have been to Minnesota, USA a few times to visit her. I love reunions like this, though now in Spain as I believe a good friend is forever and this happens to me with few people. Nice!
As you can see I had great fun and we, even had someone to read our hands for the future who learned from someone in India, for free! According to this guy, his name is Peter or Pedro in Spanish by the way, I am going to live many years a healthy life, my business is going to do well and love is waiting for me, etc.. 🙂
Well it sounds good!. I do not really believe in this kind of things as I do respect it too much but just in case…you never know and it was fun!. He may be right, I hope so!
Let´s start this new year 2011 in peace and harmony!
Viva celebrations with friends when & wherever and Feelgood!