Easy day at home in Oleiros, Spain

Hola! How are you doing today?. Myself I have been taking it easy at home in Spain, A Coruña, Oleiros. After all, I do not feel so tired after the big party yesterday and I think it´s because I did not drink too much, just “lagom” as they say in Swedish.

It has been a sunny but a bit cold day. Here you see me at the swimming-pool at my place where I live and then I went for a walk to Santa Cruz village with a real beautiful castle on my back, Santa Cruz castle in Oleiros. The place is surrounded by water and nice beaches everywhere and it´s a perfect place for those who like sailing or surfing. Nice to show you where I grow up!

In a few days I am coming back to Stockholm and I think it´s great to have the possibility to be in both places, Sweden and Spain! I feel both countries are my home.

Viva Suecia y España and Feelgood! 🙂

And you, how have you spent your first day this new year 2011?