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Do You have what it takes to be Miss Lopez woman of the day?

Hello my Sweet hearts! How are you doing today?. Myself  Miss Lopez I am in a good mood today and that´s good! I think the most important at the end of the day it´s this feeling of being satisfied with yourself, yes I think so…as long as you feel good and it does not hurt others, then it´s good.

I feel Miss Lopez is growing in a good direction and I can see my initial idea taking form more and more though it takes time, and I love it!. But I´ll tell you,  it still can be very hurt sometimes and you must really believe in you, otherwise nobody will do it for you. So yes faith is very important to me. Believe in something, whatever but believe! 🙂

Like a  good thing that happens today, my partner and collaborator at Miss Lopez, Victoria Gomez in the pictures is going to be responsible for making interviews to women with the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood and letting us know what this means to them at Miss Lopez´s blog. Great! So sweet in the pictures, isn´t she? We were thinking maybe visiting one day Miss Miranda in Italy. Cool!  Well we hope this way every single woman in the world will get inspiration at Miss Lopez and feel good for who she is and dare venture the woman in herself! You are perfect just the way you are and Feelgood! I am so excited about the future and I  see the light! 🙂 Let´s do it together! Viva women´s rights!

At the end of the day, I have had a seminar at Stockholm´s University about fashion, body and identity and the subject of the day was naked men in history´s photography, seen most by homosexual men. Check the picture! Really nice picture by the way!. The other question now is, who will be the man of the day 🙂 everyday, as we need your help, guys! You know, it takes two to dance tango! . Do you have a clue? 🙂

I hope for men and women in harmony so we can feel very good together!!!!

And tomorrow as far as I know I have a seminar or something at ALMI for my business and then work, and of course thousands of business telephon calls, sms and e mail all day! A normal business woman day in my life and the best thing I feel good about it even at the end of the day!

Love what you do and Feelgood! FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD everybody!

Buenos Dias! Miss Lopez colorful cooking tips for today: Macaroni!

Well, well Miss Lopez here again in Sweden today! Monday, Lunes in Spanish…always hard to start a new week again and after reading Miss Miranda´s news in Italy, and Verona… 🙂 maybe I should travel myself to visit Miss Miranda in Italy for a weekend! 🙂 Let´s see!
The thing is after all this good news, I got inspired today to make and share with you something really Latin and Italian: la pasta! Nothing like Italian pasta and if in colors even better to cheer me up and Feelgood! So tasty and healthy by the way! I must say, as a good Spanish, I do love garlic so here it comes pasta as its best for me: in colors and with garlic oil. So goooooooood! So try it for today´s lunch or dinner and Feelgood! 🙂 I love it!
You need:
500 grams of colored macaroni
6 cloves garlic
a chilli pepper
200 milliliters of concentrated chicken pulver or block
olive oil
a bit of salt
grating cheese

Boil macaroni according to manufacturer’s recommendation (whether dried or fresh), leaving a little hard still, “al diente” as we say in Spain or “al dente” in Italian, while, chop the garlic and fry with a drizzling of olive oil with the chopped chilli. Drain the macaroni and incorporate them into the pan where we have the garlic and chilli, sauté it all together and add the broth. Let it boil down for a few minutes.
And to make it even more tasty, after serving it on plates, sprinkle chopped parsley on top, accompanied with freshly grated cheese separately. Que bueno! Buenísimo!
I´ve told you, like my tortilla, so simple and so good!!!
Viva the Latin cuisine and Feelgood! Hasta pronto my Dear Latin lovers! 🙂

The beauty of Latina Christina Aguilera and Feelgood Womanhood!

Hello everybody! Miss Lopez here again. I feel like a real housewife after this weekend, most cooking I must say…I know I am going to have a busy week so it´s OK not being that social once in a while, not even try but blogging is always good for me. Nice with taking it easy sometimes! I never get tired of blogging really and I guess it´s because I like it so much. I promise I´ll be back with more Miss Lopez Latin cooking tips for tomorrow, so don´t worry! 🙂 Just wait and see!
It´s been a while since I have been to the cinema and I was thinking that maybe this next week I could go and see Burlesque with Latina Christina Aguilera so here you have the trailer to enjoy. Well, the trailer seems good so I hope the film is good as well. Has anybody, by the way, seen Burlesque already? Is it good?
These days Christina Aguilera, with American father and Latina mother, seems to wear less make up, and I like it very much on her. The beauty of transformation! I love the subtle mauve makeup that I think suits her so good. The thing is I´ve also admired her fearless attitude toward self-expression through hair and makeup though to tell you the truth, I think she looks better in softer colours and I like her better. It seems like too much make up doesn´t let her  beauty come up as much as I do think she is and very much.  ( Still I must say I love make up) I think sometimes you don´t even need to try that hard. Just simply take it easy and follow the flow…so let the truth of your beauty come out and Feelgood!
Stay cool 🙂 and Feelgood! FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD
By the way, for those who missed my tortilla, check it out now! and enjoy it! It was simply delicious! 🙂

"Una de jamon serrano" and how to enjoy it at its best by Miss Lopez

Hello Miss Lopez here after the big success of my Spanish tortilla last night!
Something I do love it´s the taste of jamon serrano and at the bars in Spain it´s just delicious. “Una tapa de jamon serrano, por favor” is what you need to say to order it and Enjoy!
As I love Spanish (or Italian ) jamon serrano here come the clues related to the use of the ham to enjoy it even more. Thank God I can buy it in Sweden now but still the smell and the tasty touch is special in Spain…

  • Nothing like going to a shop where the butcher meets with love, not rush,  and listen to customer concerns …
  • Regarding the art of cutting the ham , it’s essential to keep very sharp knife and always cut in the opposite direction to the hand that is holding the ham. Professionals can do it differently, but at home it is best to avoid any risk.
  • The ideal temperature for cutting the ham is 23 º C .
  • Regarding the use of ham in the kitchen , I bet not only the classic recipes (some ham on toasted bread can be the best) but also by the creativity and the ‘boldness’ in the kitchen . For example, anchovies in vinegar with ham, marinated mussels with ham , even ice cream ham with bread Tumaca. Why not?
  • And to drink the first thing that comes to mind is all the cold beer or a Rioja wine. However, you can always use your imagination and Feelood!

And you, how do you like Jamon Serrano ?
Viva the Spanish flavours in your kitchen ! Let´s have Spanish tapas together and Feelgood!

Hello! Miss Lopez is having a Spanish tortilla for dinner tonight!

Hello everybody! Miss Lopez here at home in Sweden in a Saturday night. Good to be at home sometimes! I was thinking what to blog about for tonight and I came to the conclusion that I´d love to share my dinner with you! 🙂  A really nice Spanish tortilla so here it comes the recipe in this video. So goooooooood! I love it!
Actually right now it´s almost 7:00 pm and I know it´s dinner time in Sweden. I am just going to start to cook a tortilla at home in Sweden but before that I share the recipe to you so maybe we can even eat it at the same time!. What do you think?
I promise it´s delicious! Nothing like a really nice Spanish tortilla! So simple but so tasty! In fact tortilla must be the most common meal at the Spanish homes and you´ll find it everywhere at the bars and restaurants in Spain as a tapa! Please let me know how does it go, otherwise I may cook for you a nice tortilla next time! 🙂
Oh my God, I miss Spain now…!
Good with Spanish flavour in your kitchen and Feelgood! See, cooking tips with a Latin touch! I love it!
Have a good tortilla for tonight dinner you too and FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!

Miss Lopez this weekend: I need a tickling session!

Hello from a white Sweden this Saturday! Miss Lopez here wriing to you. I love this song from Juan Luis Guerra so check it out! A really nice Latin song from South America saying something like ” me sube la bilirrubina, cuando te miro y no me miras…, y no lo cura la aspirina, etc…” more or less like loving human touch can help you more in order to feel good than an aspirin…so sweet! 🙂
In fact not getting enough human touch can make you angry, stressed and in a very bad humor, even sick, didn´t you know?, so my goal for 2011 is to shake my stress  once and for all. 😀 Actually I have found out today that getting a session of tickling in a tickling center can also make a lot good for you. Yes it´s true! Tickling! Cosquillas in Spanish. Can you imagine being tickled with a soft fleather? Cool!
There are studies that show that you can hold off your anxiety with just tickling so say goodbye to stress and have fun instead!.  Do you know that tickling in a soft way is very good for your health and for your endorphins as well?. I think I may try this once for all! 🙂 Good finding out new methods!

The funny thing is that there is a new company in Madrid, Spain dedicated to this business in order you to feel good! Viva the tickling business too!

Where? at Cosquillearte .García de Paredes, 33.Madrid. Tel 91 591 78
I am afraid I won´t be able to travel this weekend to Madrid for a tickling session and I wonder if there is someone who likes tickling too 🙂 Joke!
Yes, nothing like having fun and if it´s with tickling even better. Nice with soft and sweet human interaction!
I believe if everybody gets enough tickling and human touch this world will be a better place. Let´s fight for the right of tickling and loving human touch and Feelgood! Viva the Latin touch! 🙂

Miss Lopez: the art of mingling at Venture Cup, Stockholm

Hello my Dear reader in a Friday night at home after a long day with meetings and even a mingling in the evening. I feel a bit stressed today for just personal reasons, but I´ll leave this subject for another post. Thank you for your support I must say and all the people who believe in Feelgood Womanhood. I could see this during my business meetings today all day and the nice feedback I get because of my blog. Thanks everybody!

At the end of the day I went to an event for business woman at Venture Cup and actually I think it was much better than I expected. The speakers, the mingling, everything…well done!. There I could lisen to Business in Heart, experts in mingling and networking. I believe everything you do, become better when you put your heart in it and there is an art in mingling as well. 😀 You´d better put your heart in what you´re doing if you really want to Feel good, I think. It´s worth it. Doing things with your heart and lisen to yourself (and I believe it´s even a better expression than passion) is the key to success. The art of doing things to make you Feelgood! 🙂

In the first two pictures, the speakers and in the third one, Ylva Form, a really interesting young woman in love with Jamaica who wants to start an NGO to help young people and women in search of own development. Cool! I´d told you, it was a really nice mingling! Interesting cooperation for Miss Lopez too, isn´t it?

Put your heart in everything you do and Feelgood! The art of feeling good…

And Viva businesswomen everywhere! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

The Latin flavour of La Lopez on the floor. Check it out!

Hello amigos! Miss Lopez here again! I have missed you already! Just let me ask you, do you think I am a party girl? I may but now I need a rest from parties and mingligs, at lest for today…waiting for my next one! 🙂  By the way, tomorrow I have an event at Venture Cup, Stockholm in the evening for women´s entrepreneurship, so I´ll let you know then.
Well, did you know that when I was a child in Spain when people asked what did I want to become as an adult, I used to say an artist like Picasso, a writer like Garcia Lorca or a dancer…like Jennifer Lopez? 🙂
Yes it´s true! Can you imagine Miss Lopez dancing all day long? 🙂 At the end I did not go the dancing way and I studied other subjects but at least I can show you now the shooting of the new video of La Lopez, 41 years old J.Lo behind the scenes, “On the floor”. So check it out!
The new American Idol seems to fit as a really party girl as well, wild and crazy, sexy and sweet too! Both the video and club jam features Cuban rapper, Pitbull. Nice! Don´t you feel like dancing already?
I can´t wait to see Jenny from the Block and Mr 305 in the finished work, but for now, check this video behind the scenes! Cool! By the way, Miss Miranda is busy today with a party but it´s coming tomorrow with more news from Italy. See, another party girl! 🙂
And remmember tomorrow it´s Friday! Friday night fever with a Latin touch!
Viva the Latin dancing and Feelgood!

What has Miss Lopez been doing in Stockholm on the 26th ?…

Hello! Miss Lopez here before I am going to bed soon. I am going to be a bit short in my writing as I want to respect my sleeping hours. So important to have good routines, yes I think so, and that´s why feelgood womanhood! Take care of yourself ´cause we´re worth it!

Well, for those who may wonder what Miss Lopez have been doing today, after having a really nice birthday cake as my breakfast, getting the nice baby news and working during the day for a few hours, I´ll let you know now!. Do you know what I did? Mingling again! Yes it´s true! 🙂

Some of my friends and readers of my blog, ask me if I´m mingling and having parties all day long as so it´s looks like in my blog. 🙂 Well, maybe I should go less to minglings these days…it can be too much too. I´d rather meet people in a more “natural” less superficial way, “tete a tete”, though it´s fun with minglings and I love it too. Nice having human interaction!

Well so todays minglings!. First at Hotal Rival own by one of ABBA´s singers at Supertalanger, Veckan´s affärer event. In the first picture Viktor Åkerblom, known in Sweden for a very popular Swedish TV program among children Bolibompa, today having his own business and working with and for children. Cool! 🙂 I know him for a few years in the show business. He´s an actor as well by the way! Nice to meet him at Rival after all this time!.

Well and then Hotellet Club as promised, really nice Stockholm´s Connection event for alliens and others in Stockholm. There I´ve met some friends as you can see in the picture and many others too… The organiser from Russia told me she really likes my blog and now we are having a meeting one of these days. Good! Actually this is what minglings are made for, aren´t they? 🙂 networking!

Viva human interaction and Feelgood!

And now I must go to sleep and sweet dreams to you all!

Tomorrow working all day at fundraising at Old town, Riddarholmen in Stockholm so no minglings tomorrow but on Friday I think I have something for women entrepreneurship at Venture cup in the evening. I´ll keep you updated with more Miss Lopez´s news!. A little kiss!

The great news of today: a Spanish baby boy was born in L.A

Hello! Miss Lopez , Spanish woman living in Sweden, Stockholm here today! I am in such a good humor today and I do not know why! I thing is my blogging that makes me feel so good! Nothing as great as feeling good! 🙂 Feelgood Blogging! Actually I am going to make another post after this one but before I want to tell you that for me the news of today is the birh of Penelope and Javier´s child in Los Angeles, California last Saturday, and you can read the news at Spanish Hola, so good!

Their relationship (as friends, partners and as lovers as well) has had its ups and downs and they have kept it secretly for quite a long time after one day they decided to make it public and official at the Goya´s Awards in Spain, the equivalent of the Oscars or Guldbagge awards but in Spain. Then one day, Javier all in a sudden declared his love for Penelope at Film Cannes Awards and again in L.A. not a long time ago. Check it out! Such a gentleman and nice guy! I really like him! 🙂 By the way, I wish all men were gentleman but I am afraid most are not, sorry Guys! 🙂  What a pity! I think having a gentleman is one of women´s rights! Why not? Yes, FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

Whatever I must say, maybe because I grow up in a traditional family and I studied in a Catholic school with nuns in Spain (so different to Swedish style by the way!) I can be a bit old fashioned in just this matter, though I am very social, shy with guys in a good way and sometimes I believe in fairy tales.. This is Miss Lopez! 🙂

Felicidades to these two Spanish actors, Penelope and Javier and Viva gentlemen and women´s rights too!

By the way, I must check if my Spanish friend from Galicia, Eva married to a German in Sweden,  has just got her baby! I´ll let you know!

See you soon my Latin lovers! 😀

Till startsidan