Miss Lopez at TurGalicia today. Will you keep me the secret?…

Hola amigos y amigas after a long day. Well, yes will you keep me the secret? 🙂  I´ll tell you why. Today it has been a great day in Santiago de Compostela having a business meeting at Turgalicia, a public company, primary instrument of Galicia’s tourist policy, and responsible for adequately promoting the tourist resources in the Autonomous Region of Galicia in the north of Spain, the very green and beautiful Spain.  It´s great to be back here and having business meetings here as I was born in Galicia and there is something special about it, you´ll love it!. By the way, my business meeting of today has been about blogging and social media. Viva Miss Lopez blogging! 🙂

Here pictures of me in the train today from A Coruña to Santiago and then at Turgalicia´s office with so many nice people around working there. I must thank  specially Diego Vazquez and Anna Garcia, for being so helpful and for the delicious business meal we had together at an old typical Galician stoned house-restaurant . Nice!

The thing is there is something very special about Galicia as well as all the turist resources you can find here. You´ll bewitched, I promise!…I´ll tell you more another day. One of the best things about Galicia is that there is still a lot to discover for those looking for something different with quality: Galicia Calidade! Will you keep me the secret? 🙂 Specially for you…I´ll show to you!

Vivan Miss Lopez´s secrets to you about Galicia and Feelgood!

FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD with love from Galicia to you!