Spanish Wines this holydays to enjoy! Miss Lopez´s tips

Hola again! Here are some basic tips that wineries‘Losada Vineyards’ wishes to propose on the occasion of Christmas (and large banquets) to all those people less familiar with the vine and its secrets :

  • The choice of wine is a task that must be taken seriously (a bad choice can ‘ruin’ the most delicious recipe that goes with it). So when in doubt, nothing like going to shops and let us advise by its personnel.
  • Once purchased, it is best not to keep it at home for a long time ..One solution is to rotate the wine. Do not hoard it and drink it.
  • Time to open the bottles, you have to pay attention to the cork so if too dry is a sign that the wine has too much oxygen .
  • The size of the cup should be generous and mouth spacious.
  • Once seated at the table, start with the starters. In Spain, it is usual to start with canapés based on products such as shrimp, ham Whether this type of incoming ideally a white wine.
  • The main course usually consists of meat normally. At this point we choose the red one.
  • If some of the bottles are not finished, it is advisable to save them only for a few days, because once opened the wine does not have much life. Ideally, put the cork and storeit  in a place free from strong odors, that is cool and dark and the air is neither too wet nor dry. At a temperature, preferably between 10 and 14 degrees. In addition to these requirements, it is also advisable to use a vacuum pump that draws air from the bottle, prolonging life a little more of the wine .

By the way, I love Galician white wines like Alvariño…Check it out!. Viva Galicia.
Enjoy a good wine with moderation and Feelgood!