Waiting in Los Angeles…for Penelope Cruz´s baby

Javier Bardem vivió con emoción el partido de Los Ángeles Lakers.

Hello again!. This time Miss Lopez´s news from Los Angeles. You know I am a fan of Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and husband Javier Bardem, very much. So I´ve found out she is in Los Angeles at Christmas and they are very likely to have their child there. What nobody can deny is that the couple is experiencing one of the sweetest moments of their life and you just have to have a look at their faces!. So expressive! Like Spanish do! 🙂 The arrival of their first child is getting closer, however, Penelope and Javier continue leading a normal life and have not left out one of their main hobbies: basketball. On Christmas Day yesterday , they decided to celebrate this holiday by going to the Staples Center for the game betwen Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat and, as two fans, encouraged their team to the last minute but could not win. Sorry!

Eight months pregnant , Penelope wore a casual look and Javier chose a black jacket and jeans. During the match, the couple no longer could engage glances and smiles and shared seat with Silvia Lopez , the Spanish player’s girlfriend from Los Angeles Lakers, Pau Gasol from Spain. Check Javier! Isn´t it fun? 🙂
I think we Latin are good at expressing feelings, don´t you think? I do and I believe there is nothing wrong with it so show your Love too!.
Dare to show your feelings like Javier, and Miss Lopez 🙂  do and Feelgood!