Miss Lopez is thinking…

Hello my Latin Lovers! 🙂 Here Miss Lopez thinking today…

A new year is ahead so I feel it´s time to think and make things better this new year. I do wonder what 2011 has to bring me and I hope for good surprises, don´t you?.  Nice to travel to spend New Year at home in Spain, first in Barcelona and then Galicia, La Coruña. Time to enjoy for sure and be with myself, family and friends though I have important business meetings there too. It will be a good mixture of business and pleasure. Who has said business and pleasure do not go along together?. 🙂 Yes they do if you love what you do. Oh my God, it sounds like a rime!

Well, well talking about rimes, the other day a girl friend of mine from Spain living in Sweden, married to a German guy and waiting a baby…my dear Eva Valverde, sent me a rime to share on my friend´s wall on Facebook in order to wish you all good luck and I have found out that even though many did not understand what it says as in in Spanish, many like it anyway. Nice! Here it comes to all of you now!

“Escobita, escobita

que cada año me ponga más bonita; sapo, sapito que este año me vaya
mejorcito; caldero, calderito que me abunde el dinerito. Si en el 2011 de buena suerte quieres gozar, a 7 brujas en su muro esto has de copiar
“, something like

Broom broom, May I get better in beauty, heath, money…as every year goes by, kind of. So if you want your wishes come true, you must share it in at least seven others walls on Facebook. Fun, isn´t it? 🙂

And you, what do you wish 2011? I, Miss Lopez wish you all, heath, money and love and balance within them!

Share the fun and Feelgood!. By the way, picture taken by Jini Sofia. I hope you like it too!.