Men from Mars and Women from Venus. Feel good worldwide this Christmas at MissLopez’s planet

Hello amigos! I am happy Miss Lopez’s guest blogger, Victoria Gomez is back with more News from the Latin world, this time from Uruguay. What a different way, but at same time the same, to spend Christmas than in Sweden where I am right now for a few more days! Interesting don’t you think? I think the weather does a lot but the most important it’s for sure the spirit of joy that comes with Christmas, and worldwide! Have a look at the pictures!
Every year around this time the same ritual. Thousands of cities around the world light up and decorate their streets to receive one of the most beloved and familiar holiday calendar: Christmas! In fact, it is a tradition in many parts of the world for men and women to go out at night to watch the spectacle of light and color in different urban centers during Christmas like in Spain. In the pictures Madrid, Paris, New York and Medellín, Colombia but there are more.  I love the fact my readers are so international specially now at Christmas. Viva el planeta de Miss López, Viva Miss Lopez´s planet! 🙂
I guess most of you have read the book of John Gray “Men are from Mars and Women from Venus” as Victoria Gomez is doing right now in Uruguay and I believe if I remember well, it was one of my tips to her so I hope it can help. Have you read this book? Men and women, we’re so different yes, so let’s make our differences to something positive instead! I did read the book and I am thinking, the great thing with Miss Lopez’s planet/ Blog is that the world can be an amazing place for both men and women living in harmony and understanding and together light up the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood specially this Christmas, don’t you agree?. By the way this is my first Christmas as Miss Lopez blogger. Congratulations to myself! This is just the start. May we have a great future together my Latin Lovers! 🙂
Dare to share the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood worldwide you too and Feel very Goood this Christmas! 🙂