I miss my car today…

Hello!  Today I have been driving almost all day to help a friend to move a few things. I love driving but I don’t normally drive so much these days in Sweden (I used to drive a lot when I had my own car both in Spain and Sweden but not anymore) so we got lost in the middle of our way! Not fun for sure but at the end I did it as I am a woman I do not normally give up. I miss my car!!!…Now I have a new business idea for 2011 with Miss Lopez’s blog so I hope soon I’ll have one again. Would you like to see me driving a car with MissLopez logo and colours? 🙂 Very Feelgood Womanhood, don’t you agree?

I must say anyway I am tired today after a very long day both yesterday and today and that’s why my delay. Tired and exhausted but I do my blogging as I love it (I do it with love) and I think you deserve it too. That´s the great thing about blogging, the feedback from all of you. Thanks to all of you! Friends in need, friends indeed even today I feel so tired, and I do love this expression too, don’t you? When you don’t feel so good, then it’s when you can see your real friends.  Sweet to show you care…

So yesterday I’ve had a very long day too from morning to very late night, so at the end I got really tired. First a photo job for my friend and partner Rosa Brännvall. Here taking pictures of me with her own design to sell to the shops. Really nice and warm! It is so cold these days in Sweden and I feel I am living in the North Pole… 🙂 Check the pictures. Good with Rosa’s wool and design! I love it!

Then at a disco in Stockholm with friends. I went there with Jini Sofia Lee on my right , a real good business woman originally from Corea living in Sweden that I met during a networking for entrepreneurship, so now we are working together too as she is a great photographer. Nice disco but too tired to dance… 🙂 I should try another day!

And remember, friends in need, friends for sure! That’s the most important.

Vivan mis amigos and Feelgood!