Merry Christmas to you from the bottom of my heart, Feliz Navidad!

Hola my sweethearts! Before I start to tell you things in this new post, I’d love you to lisen to this great song of Celine Dion in order to feel the Christmas spirit. Nice! 🙂 By the way GOD JUL in Swedish!
I do not know about you, but for me these weeks before Christmas are the busiest of the year with so many events but so much fun. I love the spirit of Christmas, don’t you?
Time to relax and start a new even better period in life afterwards. I feel the coming year is going to be great for me in health, as my enthusiasm makes me strong, in love as I am single now and in business too, thanks to MissLopez’s blog!
Meanwhile I enjoy the Christmas spirit and I feel good!
Feelgood you too this Christmas and look forward to something very good to come, 2011! 🙂