Miss Lopez at Stockholm University’s clothes, body and identity studies

Hello my Dear babies from all over the world! 🙂 I’ve missed you already but it’s that during the day I am busy with so many things, sorry! Tomorrow about the same as I have booked a business meeting at Coffice at Söder, Stockholm at 13:00 pm and then Hotel Anglais again. But today as you can see in the picture I have been to my last lesson of the year at Stockholm University. As you know one of my main interest is fashion (by the way, I always have these days on me my favorite earrings from Cueva Art & Fashion, I love them!) so I am doing this course at university in Sweden about clothes, our body and identity, very interesting so I can come to you with more fashion news. So now you know I do know what I am talking about! The thing is I have studied law at University in Spain and I am a sociolog from the Stockholm University but I find it very interesting to get updated about new things, for fun too. I can’t help being curious…so much fun to learn new things. Maybe this is the reason I enjoy living in a different country than Spain where I grew up.

Here in the picture me today with my teacher Karin Högström, really nice woman and easy to talk with. Good!

“Curiosity may kill the cat” but not MissLopez! 🙂

Viva la curiosidad and Feelgood!